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A software to uncover photo fakery

Hany Farid, a digital forensic specialist of Dartmouth University, has developed a jpeg-analysing tool to identify even the subtlest alterations to digital images. No human eye in front of a good fake is able to notice there is something wrong. … Continue reading

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‘The Bang-Bang-Club’ story set to hit theaters

“The Bang Bang Club” is an upcoming movie – it will hit the American theatres on the next month – about the young combat photographers Kevin Carter, Greg Marinovich, Ken Oosterbroek, and Joao Silva, who risked their lives to document … Continue reading

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In Conversation With Mikko Takkunen

I met Mikko Takkunen last Thursday in the bustling atmosphere of Spitalfields Market, near Liverpool Street Station. He is a Finnish freelance photographer just moved to London to get more work. His blog, PhotojournalismLinks, is very popular on the web: … Continue reading

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Talk: Demotix CEO Turi Munthe at City University London

THE GUEST – Turi Munthe, founder and CEO of Demotix, one of the most successful experiments of entrepreneurial journalism of the last years, has met last Friday the postgraduate students of International Journalism at City University London. He talked about … Continue reading

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‘Shooting Robert King’

Two are the questions about photojournalists the compelling documentary ‘Shooting Robert King’ tries to give an answer: “Why do they do it and how do they survive it?” Filmmaker Richard Parry followed photojournalist Robert King from his first brush with … Continue reading

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TIME’s Lightbox interview with Eugene Richards

Yesterday TIME.com has launched LightBox, first-ever blog edited, curated by its photography department. This new space, they claims, will explore how photography, video and the culture of images define today’s world. The first interview on LightBox is with Eugene Richards, … Continue reading

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LIVE WEBINAR: ‘Analyzing News Photos from the 18 day Revolution’

OPEN-i is a global network hosting monthly live discussions on critical issues relevant to documentary photography and visual storytelling. The next live webinar will be hosted with BagNewsSalon on March 20th from 6pm to 8pm. An invited panel will discuss … Continue reading

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