In Conversation With Mikko Takkunen

PhotojournalismLinks homepage @ photojournalismlinks.comI met Mikko Takkunen last Thursday in the bustling atmosphere of Spitalfields Market, near Liverpool Street Station.

Mikko Takkunen @ photojournalismlinks.comHe is a Finnish freelance photographer just moved to London to get more work.
His blog, PhotojournalismLinks, is very popular on the web: it receives over 30,000 visits a month and every day features links referencing across the internet the best work and photo essays by the most important photojournalists in assignment around the world.
During our chat we talked about his blog, James Nachtwey, the project and the future of photography.
This is his first ever TV-interview.


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Postgraduate student at the City University of London.
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3 Responses to In Conversation With Mikko Takkunen

  1. jonathanjk says:

    I’m also very interested in seeing whether can sustain itself and isn’t fashionable at the moment. I wish it luck. While it’s a worthy attempt at aiding the photographer, the idea has come about because we as photographers can’t claim assignments like it was possible in the years before TV gained mass appeal and through the democratisation of photography.

  2. I’m afraid Mikko is right. We will see on the long term what’s going to happen.
    In the meantime announced a partnership with the British Journal of Photography. This is a good thing, but they should go on TV to reach more people.

  3. Fabio Forin says:

    Just read this interesting post on Wired.

    “ isn’t a magic bullet that will solve every problem plaguing visual journalism, but I think it is turning out to be a good model for long-term documentary projects”, says Tomas van Houtryve, one of the fundraisers.

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