INTERVIEW: Mark Burton of London Independent Photography

London Independent Photography Burton is a photographer and Publicity Officer of London Independent Photography (LIP), which organised tonight’s Janet Hall Memorial Lecture with photographer Brian Griffin.

– What is London Independent Photography?

London Independent Photography (LIP) is a community organisation which helps members to develop their personal approach to photography, improve skills and gain recognition for their work. We have a range of year round activities. Once a month several satellite groups meet in different parts of London which is a great opportunity to make new friends and share ideas.

fLip Magazine @ is an active program of workshops and talks. One of the highlights of the LIP calendar is the Janet Hall Memorial lecture, held in honor of one of the founders. This year we will be hearing from photographer, Brian Griffin.
The other highlight of the year is the LIP exhibition which will be at The Strand Gallery in October.

LIP also published ‘fLIP Magazine’ three times a year. The aim is to inspire, inform and entertain readers by featuring members’ photographic work and engaging articles.The latest issue has the theme ‘Streetlife’ and was launched last week. It is sent to all 650 LIP members. The magazine is also available from (among others) The Tate Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and The Whitechapel Gallery.

– Who started LIP and why?

London Independent Photography was founded by Virginia Khuri and Janet Hall in 1987. They had been inspired by workshops held by photographer Paul Hill. Their idea was to set-up a London based organisation that ran workshops and meetings where dialogue with other photographers would help them develop their own work.

– What is the London Villages Project?

London Villages Project London Villages Project has been organised by LIP members and will provide a photographic record of London in 2011. To achieve this London will be imagined as a collection of villages or communities. They may be defined geographically – as a street, a neighbourhood – or by their landscape, ethnicity, religion or special interest. It is a great opportunity for photographers to create a project or series of images that capture an intimate record of what they consider a London Village. This project is open to all styles and methods of photography and details about participation are on the LVP website.

– Brian Griffin’s will be giving the Janet Hall Memorial Lecture tonight. Can you explain what the lecture will be about?

Brian Griffin @ magentamagazine.comBrian’s lecture is entitled ‘Survival and the creative photographer’. As he explains, “In 2001 I decided that I would never take photographs again purely for money, and would find ways to survive purely on my creativity. Since adopting that philosophy I have managed to keep going, just! This talk will show and explain how I have managed it.”

This is an invaluable event for photographers developing their own practice. Brian Griffin is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential British image-makers of recent times. He is famous for his groundbreaking approach to portraiture and numerous high profile projects stretching from ‘Work’ in the 1980’s to his current project charting ‘The Road to 2012’, commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery.


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