‘Shooting Robert King’

'Shooting Robert King' @ film-news.co.ukTwo are the questions about photojournalists the compelling documentary ‘Shooting Robert King’ tries to give an answer:

“Why do they do it and how do they survive it?”

'Shooting Robert King' DVD cover @ shootingrobertking.comFilmmaker Richard Parry followed photojournalist Robert King from his first brush with war in the Balkans in his early twenties to his Time magazine shoots in Chechnya.

In fifteen years of career King has seen and documented three wars – Bosnia, Chechnya and Iraq – that seem to have transformed him from a naive twenty-four years old guy into a deep cynic and a danger addict.
Parry says King is “a uniquely fascinating figure to study as he grows and evolves in so many ways over the course of his journeys”.


About Fabio Forin

Postgraduate student at the City University of London.
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